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Bakson's Sunny Aloe Vera Calendula Cream
EUR 25.50

Baksons Sunny Aloevera plus Calendula all Purpose Cream

Bakson Sunny Face Scrub with Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Papaya - 100 g
EUR 25.50

Bakson Homoeopathy Face Scrub

Bakson Homoeopathy Mud Pack
EUR 17.9

Bakson Homoeopathy Mud Pack

Bakson's AC 7 Tablets (Constipation)
EUR 11.8

Baksons Homeopathy - AC 7 Tablet - Helps relieve constipation with difficult, hard stools, great straining, colic, flatulence, besides Piles with burning in rectum.

Bakson's Acne Aid Cream
EUR 13.30

Baksons S-Cure Cream for acne, pigmentation, sun-burn, scarring & boils

Bakson Homoeopathy Acne Aid Tablets
EUR 17.25

Baksons Homeopathy Acne Aid Tablet for hard, moist and pustular acne besides freckles as well as blotches.

Bakson's Alfalfa Tonic (Sugar Free) - 115 ml
EUR 13.25

Improves digestion, assimilation and aids excretion.

Bakson's Aller Aid Tablet - 200 Capsules
EUR 29.50

Baksons Homeopathy - Aller Aid Tablet - Provides relief from hay fever without any side effects. Aller Aid Tablet causes no drowsiness or disturbance in daily routine.

Bakson's Astha Aid Tablets - 200 Capsules
EUR 7.4

Baksons Homeopathy Astha Aid Tablet Three fold action - Controls Cough. Dilates Bronchi. Aids Expectoration.

Bakson's Sunny Baksodent Toothpaste (Saunf Flavour)
EUR 10.2

Baksons Homeopathy - Baksodent Tooth Paste - For healthy teeth & gums with anti bacterial action.

Bakson Homoeopathy Bee Pee Aid Drops - 100 ml
EUR 8.8

A unique combination of well tried homoeopathic medicines which maintain normal blood pressure and circulation.

Bakson's Calci Aid Tablets - 75 Capsules
EUR 6.6

Baksons Homeopathy - Bakson Homoeopathy Calci Aid Tablet Pediatric Pack - Reduce physical fatigue and improve mental health. Aid uneventful dentition. Strengthen bone and reduce risk of fracture besides maintaining tissue elasticity.

Bakson's Card Aid Drops - 30 ml
EUR 6.6

Baksons Homeopathy Bakson Homoeopathy Card Aid Drops It checks Angina, Arrhythmia, Hypertrophy of heart, Cardiac dropsy, Coronary artery disease.

Bakson's Cineraria Euphrasia Eye Drops
EUR 12.55

Baksons Homeopathy - Bakson Homoeopathy Cineraria Euphrasia Eye Drops - Relieving eye strain, corneal opacities and tendency to obscuration of lens causing blurred vision.

Bakson's Cineraria Maritima Eye Drops
EUR 25.50

Baksons Homeopathy - Bakson Homoeopathy Cineraria Maritima Eye Drops - Vision may be blurred, contrast may be lost and halos may be visible around lights.

Bakson's Deep Cleansing Milk
EUR 12.6

Baksons Deep Cleansing Milk With Aloevera Remove dirt, grime & make-up

Bakson's Diab Aid Drops
EUR 6.2

Baksons - Homeopathy - Bakson Homoeopathy Diab Aid Drops Reduce Blood Sugar Level. Relieves increased frequency of urine.

Bakson's Euphrasia Eye Drops
EUR 23.50

Helps relieve symptoms of conjunctivitis especially congestion of eyes, excessive watering, irritation and photophobia besides discomfort of dry eyes.

Bakson's Fem Aid Syrup - 200 ml
EUR 7.95

Tones up female reproductive system and relieves gynaecological disorders.

Bakson's Ferrum Plus Tonic
EUR 8.35

Baksons Homeopathy Bakson Homoeopathy Ferrum Plus Homoeopathic safe for your body to consume and assimilate iron.

Bakson's Flu Aid Tablet
EUR 6.75

Temporarily relieves the symptoms of common cold including cough, runny nose, sneezing, nasal and chest congestion, and sore throat with accompanying sleeplessness.

Bakson's Gastro Aid Tablets - 200 Capsules
EUR 7.4

Baksons Homeopathy Gastro Aid Tablet for Hyperacidity, Dyspepsia, Nausea & Vomiting, Belching, Flatulence & Cramps, Diarrhoea & Constipation. Fights Digestive Disorders.

Bakson Homoeopathy Go Tox Drops
EUR 9.75

Baksons Homeopathy Bakson Homoeopathy Go Tox Drops A safe & gentle homoeopathic way to overcome addiction to alcohol and smoking.

Bakson's Grow Up Drops
EUR 6.2

Baksons Homeopathy - Gro Up Drops - It is a perfect growth promoter for children.

Bakson's Hair Aid Drops (Twin Pack)
EUR 29.50

Baksons Homeopathy Bakson Homoeopathy Hair Aid Drops External preparation conditions scalp and hair and also nourishes the hair roots.

Bakson's Hair Aid Gel

Checks premature greying and falling of hair.act as an good hair therapy.

Bakson's Formula D Tablets - 200 Capsules
EUR 7.4

Baksons Homoeopathic Formula D Tablet for Urticaria / hives, Eczema, Extreme dryness, cracks and excessive scaling.

Bakson's Formula P Tablets - 200 Capsules
EUR 7.4

Baksons Homeopathy P Tablet - The medicines, in microdoses, promote normal functioning of gland without side effects. It is used for painful or frequent urination.

Bakson's Kof Aid Tablets - 200 Capsules
EUR 7.4

Baksons Homeopathy Kof Aid Syrup For dry, spasmodic, allergic, congestive cough of Bronchitis and Asthma.

Bakson's Mig Aid Tablets - 200 Capsules
EUR 7.4

It provides instant relief in any type of headache like migraine, periodical headache of school children, premenstrual headaches, climacteric headaches, headache due to eye strain or on exposure to heat of sunlight.

Bakson's Sunny Moisturisation Lotion with Aloe Vera and Calendula
EUR 12.6

Natural skin care formulation enriched with the extracts of known herbs & the added goodness of Aloevera makes the skin velvety and radiantly soft. Its anti-aging properties fight against skin, pigmentation, wrinkles & other signs of ageing; healing attributes soothe the skin & anti-tanning activity protects skin against sun burn.

Bakson's Sunny Moisturisation Lotion with Aloe Vera and Rose - 150 ml
EUR 12.2

A deeply nourishing moisturizing lotion enriched with the extracts of Rose & Aloevera to promote a youthful complexion with good tone, elasticity and an even colored complexion.

Bakson's Pelvi Aid Tablet
EUR 6.6

Baksons Homeopathy - Bakson Homoeopathy Pelvi Aid Tablet - For women suffering from disorders of Reproductive System in particular Leucrrhoea (bland or acrid).

Bakson's Pentaphos Syrup - 115 ml
EUR 10.2

Baksons Homeopathy Bakson Homoeopathy Pentaphos Liquid Bakson Homoeopathy Pentaphos Liquid tones up the nerves and circulation, corrects debility. Bakson has carefully prepared a tonic which comprises of famous five phosphates much approved in Homoeopathy.

Bakson's Homeopathy Pentaphos Tablet

Baksons Homeopathy - Pentaphos Tablet - Tones up the nerves, blood vessels and bones.

Bakson's Phytolacca Berry Tablets - 200 Capsules
EUR 6.2

Phytolacca berry has favourable influence on digestion. Phytolacca Berry Tablet has a powerful effect on fibrous and osseous tissues, new growth and fat. Phytolacca Berry Tablet reduces and maintains the body weight.

Bakson's Pilgo Tablets - 75 Capsules
EUR 29.50

PILGO acts most markedly on lower bowels. Ease engorged haemorrhoidal veins Relieves piles ( blind / bleeding), fissures of anus, worm infestation.

Bakson's Dr.Bakshi's Rheum Aid Gel
EUR 5.55

Relaxant and pain reliever. Tones up the Musculoskeletal system. Relieves pain, stiffness and impaired functioning of affected parts. Effective and painless relief with no side effects.

Bakson's Rheum Aid Oil - 115 ml
EUR 5.75

Baksons Homeopathy Bakson Homoeopathy Rheum Aid Oil for pain in joints, Muscles and Soft tissues, Sprains, Stiff Neck / Back Sciatica.

Bakson's Rheum Aid Tablets
EUR 7.4

Baksons Homeopathy - Rheum Aid Tablet - Relaxant and pain reliever. Tones up the Musculoskeletal system. Relieves pain, stiffness and impaired functioning of affected parts. Effective and painless relief with no side effects.

Bakson's Sunny Almond Shampoo with Aloe Vera - 250 ml
EUR 11.2

Baksons - Homeopathy - Sunny Almond Shampoo With Aloevera , excellent formula that keeps the scalp healthy, helps smoothen hair cuticles & nourishes hair making them long, strong and thick thus preventing hair fall.

Bakson Sunny Arnica Montana Hair Oil (with Jaborandi) - 150 ml
EUR 15.25

Baksons Homeopathy - Bakson Homoeopathy Arnica Hair Oil - Promotes healthy growth of hair & nourishes them by toning - up circulation of scalp.

Bakson's Sunny Arnica Montana Hair Oil - 200 ml
EUR 7.8

Baksons - Homeopathy - Sunny Arnica Montana Hair Oil - Non Greasy Non Sticky hair oil, enriched with the extracts of Jaborandi, Arnica, Calendula, China & Cantharis, that helps to improve circulation of scalp, check dandruff, strengthen hair roots, prevent premature graying and promote healthy growth of hair.

Bakson's Sunny Arnica Shampoo - 250 ml
EUR 27.50

Baksons Homeopathy - Bakson Homoeopathy Arnica Shampoo - A pH balanced shampoo that controls hair-loss, dandruff & re-establishes moisture & shine.

Bakson's Sunny Henna Shampoo with Aloe Vera - 250 ml
EUR 11.2

Baksons - Homeopathy - Sunny Henna Shampoo With Aloevera - perfect Shampoo that controls excessive secretion of scalp oils, conditions luxuriously, imparts sheen to lackluster hair & keeps them tangle - free.

Bakson's Sunny Shikakai Shampoo with Aloevera - 250 ml
EUR 11.2

Homeopathy - Sunny Shikakai Shampoo With Aloevera ideal shampoo that nourishes dull, life-less hair. Promotes healthy growth of hair & leaves them clean, replenished, resilient, soft & silky.

Bakson's Tense Aid Tablets - 200 Capsules
EUR 6.6

Baksons Homeopathy - Bakson Homoeopathy Tense Aid Tablet - For Anxiety, Fatigue, Mental & Physical Debility, Headache, Irritability, Weakness of memory & For Stress free life

Bakson's Throat Aid Tablet - 200 Capsules
EUR 6.75

Baksons Homeopathy - Bakson Homoeopathy Throat Aid Tablet - Effectively treats Hoarseness and loss of voice, Laryngitis and Pharyngitis, Tonsillitis, Tendency to catch cough and cold & Relieves Sore Throat

Bakson Tone Aid Plus Syrup
EUR 16.2

Baksons Homeopathy - Tone Aid Plus - Relieves distress due to disturbed sleep & also aids convalescence during ill-health & Revitalizer

Bakson's Tonsil Aid Tablets - 75 Capsules
EUR 14.40

Baksons Homeopathy - Tonsil Aid Tablet - for relieving Tonsillitis, Pharyngitis, Sore Throat & Guards Infection.

Bakson's Wart Aid Tablet
EUR 10.65

Baksons Homeopathy - Wart Aid Tablet - For warts, corns and epithelial tumours, clinically proved specific homeopathic remedies for all types of warts. Wart Aid is the safest and surest method to get rid of warts.

Bakson's Worm C Tablets
EUR 6.6

Baksons Homeopathy - Bakson Homoeopathy Worm C Tablet - Relieve pain abdomen, itching of anus and nose. Relieves Diarrhoea / Constipation. Corrects altered appetite & Freedom from Worms

Bakson's Y Lax Tablets - 150 Capsules
EUR 6.75

Baksons Homeopathy - Y-Lax Tablet - Relieves the associated complaints of bloated sensation, flatulence, abdominal pain and straining during defecation. Relieves constipation & anal itching. Regulates bowel habits

Bakson's Aesculus Cream
EUR 11.15

Baksons Homeopathy Bakson Homoeopathy Aesculus Ointment for itching & bleeding at anal opening

Bakson's Apis Mel Cream
EUR 10.6

Baksons Homeopathy Bakson Homoeopathy Apis Mellifica Ointment for Urticaria ( hives ), bites and stings

Bakson's Arnica Cream
EUR 11.15

Baksons Homeopathy Bakson Homoeopathy Arnica Ointment for traumatic injuries, sprain etc

Bakson's Belladonna Cream
EUR 11.15

Baksons Homeopathy Bakson Homoeopathy Belladonna Ointment is useful in boils, abcesses and carbuncles, erysipelatous inflammation with swelling of the surrounding area, pain, redness

Bakson's Cantharis Ointment
EUR 19.60

Baksons Homeopathy Bakson Homoeopathy Cantharis Ointment is used for Burns & scalds with rawness; Vesicular eruptions; Eczema with burning & itching ; Secondary eczema with tendency to gangrene.

Bakson's Chrysarobinum Cream
EUR 11.15

Baksons Homeopathy - Blepharitis, conjunctivities keratitis. Intense photophobia. Optical hyperaesthesia.

Bakson's Echinacea Cream
EUR 10.6

Baksons Homeopathy - Bakson Homoeopathy Echinacea Ointment heals recurring boils, irritation from insect bite, poisonous plants, gangrene & antiseptic for boils & insect bites.

Bakson's Graphites Ointment
EUR 19.60

Baksons Homeopathy - Bakson Homoeopathy Graphites Ointment is useful for treatment of eczema, dermatitis, ulcers with discharge, crack in heels & anus, hardness of skin.

Bakson's Hamamelis Cream
EUR 11.15

Baksons Homeopathy - Bakson Homoeopathy Hamamelis Ointment is useful for treatment of bleeding and mass, painful wounds, traumatic inflammation, chilblains & cracked heels.

Bakson's Hypericum Ointment
EUR 19.60

Baksons Homeopathy - Bakson Homoeopathy Hypericum Ointment cures Traumatic neuralgia; Buring & numbness especially of fingers, toes and nails; Coccydynia.

Bakson's Rhus Tox Cream
EUR 19.60

Baksons Homeopathy - Bakson Homoeopathy Rhus Tox Ointment is a useful cream for treatment of hot & painful swelling of joints, pain of muscles, tendons & ligaments, Stiffness of neck & Joint

Bakson's Ruta Cream
EUR 11.15

Baksons Homeopathy - Baksons Bakson Homoeopathy Ruta Ointment cures bruises, sprains and strains, aching in muscles, tendon injuries, rheumatism.

Bakson's S-Cure Cream
EUR 19.60

Baksons Homeopathy - S-Cure Cream is indicated for acne with scarring, venous congestion / Bluish discoloration, Pustular eruptions, Pigmentation disorders, boils , pimply, dry rough, scaly skin with itching.

Bakson's Sulphur Cream
EUR 11.15

Baksons Homeopathy - Bakson Homoeopathy Sulphur Ointment is an all purpose antiseptic cream for dry, scaly skin, itching, pimply eruptions, rugged skin at folds.

Bakson's Thuja Ointment
EUR 19.60

Baksons Homeopathy - Bakson Homoeopathy Thuja Ointment removes warts & corns, also cures over growths of skin like polypi & tubercles.

Bakson's Urtica Urens Cream
EUR 19.60

Baksons Homeopathy - Bakson Homoeopathy Urtica Urens Ointment cures burning and stinging of skin conditions, urticaria, swelling due to insect stings, burns.

Bakson's AC 4 Tablets (Dandruff)
EUR 6.6

Baksons Homeopathy - AC#4 Tablet - Dandruff may lead to possible hair loss by clogging the hair roots and eventually weakening them

Bakson's AC 9 Tablets (Hair Falling)
EUR 26.60

Baksons AC9 Tablet - Dandruff may lead to possible hair loss by clogging the hair roots and eventually weakening them

Bakson's Spondy Aid Drops

Baksons Homeopathy Spondy Aid prevents degenerative processes of these joints and provides relief from stiffness of back and aches

Bakson's Fevo Aid Syrup - 60 ml
EUR 11.4

Baksons Homeopathy Fevo Aid Syrup Relieves Fever, body defense against infection, aching muscles and joints

Bakson's Nasal Aid Spray
EUR 7.55

Baksons Dr.Bakshis Nasal Aid Spray Treats Blockage of nose, Nasal discharge- watery, thick, bland or acrid, Sneezing, Itching of nose, Loss of smell & Other symptoms associated with Allergic Rhinitis & Sinusitis.

Bakson's Sept Aid Spray
EUR 5.75

Baksons Sept Aid Local Antiseptic Spray Heal & Prevent / Control Infection In Minor Cuts, Scrapes, Burns, Insect Bites, Eruptions With Pus & Shallow Ulcers On Skin

Bakson's Calendula Cream
EUR 10.6

Bakson Homoeopathy Calendula OintmentTreats cuts, ulcers, burns, sores & abrasions, promotes rapid healing of wounds.

Bakson's Baksoint 10 Cream
EUR 5.45

Baksons Homeopathy Baksoint 10 Cream. Crack Free Skin, Hands & Feet, Chapepd Lips, Rashes, Abrasions, Minor Cuts & Burns

Bakson's Baksoint 9 Cream
EUR 14.30

Baksons Homeopathy Baksoint 9 Cream for loss of pigmentation associated with Vitiligo / Leucoderma, Eczema, Psoriasis & Burns.

Bakson's Dr. Bakshi's Homoeopathic Digestive Kit
EUR 12.4

Baksons Homoeopathic Digestive Kit Treats Colic, Nausea & Vomiting, Acidity, Diarrhoea and Constipation.

Bakson's Dr. Bakshi's Homoeopathic Respiratory Kit
EUR 12.4

Baksons Homoeopathic Respiratory Kit Treats Influenza & Fever, Sinusitis, Cough, Asthmatic Condition, Hoarseness.

Bakson Homoeopathy Skin Kit
EUR 10.9

Baksons Homoeopathic Skin Kit Treats Eczema & Rashes, Acne/Pimples, Urtica, Dandruff & Hair Fall, Boils & Abscesses.

Bakson's Dr. Bakshi's Homoeopathic Pain Kit
EUR 12.95

Dr. Bakshis Homoeopathic Pain Kit Relieves Rheumatic pains, Headache due to chronic indisposition, Migraine, shooting pain & numbness, painful, swollen & stiff joints.

Bakson's Dr. Bakshi's Homoeopathic Miscellaneous Kit
EUR 12.4

Dr Bakshis Homoeopathic Miscellaneous Kit - Multipurpose Kit - Cures aching / cramping pains, sprain, cuts, bruises, feeling of dizziness, leucorrhoea, restlessness during sleep.

Bakson's Sunny Aloevera + Calendula Bathing Bar
EUR 12.2

Baksons Sunny Aloevera Plus Calendula Bathing Bar With Glycerine & Vitamin E for Natural Glow. Protects from sunburns with the goodness of Aloevera + Calendula

Bakson Homoeopathy Anti Wrinkle Cream
EUR 13.95

Bakson Homoeopathy Anti Wrinkle Cream hydrates skin from deep within keeping it firm, supple & wrinkle free with a youthful look

Bakson's Sunny Fairness Cream for Men

Baksons Sunny Herbals Fairness cream Keeps You Glowing, Restore Damaged Skin Cells, Healthy, Flawless Skin, Make Skin Lighter

Bakson's Sunny Apple Pack
EUR 13.7

Baksons - Sunny Herbals Apple Pack - Improves complexion & rejuvenates your skin.

Bakson's Sunny Turmeric Soap
EUR 10.2

Baksons Homoeopathy Herbals Turmeric Soap Enriched With Aloevera & Vitamin E - Antioxidant & Antiseptic Activities, Makes Skin Soft & Supple.

Bakson's Sunny Cocoa Butter Cream
EUR 12.6

Baksons Cocoa Butter Cream softens dry skin, reduces pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Bakson Sunny Bleach Cream with Aloe Vera, Lemon, Cucumber

Bakson Sunny Herbals Cream Bleach Enriched With Aloevera, Lemon & Cucumber provides gentle and nourishing care to all skin types & also eliminates sun tan.

Bakson's Baksodent Gel
EUR 5.45

Baksons Homoeopathy Baksodent Gel anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory & antiseptic action on the skin, counter body odor and rashes keeping skin healthy.

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Apricot Scrub
EUR 11.4

Baksons Sunny Apricot Scrub Enriched with Aloevera, Neem & Cucumber Deep cleanses to unclog pores & eliminates impurities.

Bakson's Sunny Body Oil
EUR 12.2

Baksons Homoeopathy Herbals Body Oil Cell Repair, Remove Tension, Relieve Pain & Enhance Blood Circulation.

Bakson's Sunny Face Wash with Aloe Vera, Calendula, Neem and Tulsi - 40 g

Baksons Sunny Face Wash Cleanse Skin Impurities, Prevent Pimples, Restore Natural Skin Balance, Soothes Skin, Removes Extra Oil, Provides Essential Moisture, Fresh, Supple With Healthy Glow.

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Papaya Pack
EUR 13.7

Baksons Homoeopathy Herbals Papaya PackNourish skin, Clean skin, Tightens skin pores, Improves complexion by removing blemishes & pigmentation marks.

Bakson's Sunny Derm Aid Soap
EUR 5.75

Baksons Homoeopathy Derm Aid soap With Berberis & Calendula Provides Flawless, Smooth Skin. Counters Dry, Chapped Skin, Soft & Supple Skin.

Bakson's Sunny Akne Aid Soap
EUR 10.2

Baksons Sunny Herbals Akne Aid Soap Reduce Inflammation & Infection of Skin, Removes Excess Oil & Reduce Acne.

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Under Eye Cream

Baksons Homoeopathy Herbals Under Eye Cream Reduce puffiness, minimizes dark circles & fine lines around the eyes.

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Neem Tulsi Soap
EUR 10

Baksons Homoeopathy Herbals Neem Tulsi Soap Preventing Acne & Skin Infections, Safe For Rash Prone Skin.

Bakson's B1 Influenza and Fever Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B1Influenza and Fever Drops - Fever Influenza. Although influenza is often confused with other similar illness, especially the common cold, it is a more serve disease than the common cold.

Bakson's B10 Sleep Drops
EUR 15.30

Baksons #B10 Sleep Drops - For Insomnia, disturbed sleep patterns, nervous exhaustion and restlessness

Bakson's B14 Renal Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B14 Renal Drops - For renal calculus and urinary problems.

Bakson's B15 Female Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B15 Female Drops For Menstrual Problems including Amenorrehea and Dysmenorrhea besides easing exhaustion due to loss of blood and flushes of heat followed by perspiration.

Bakson's B16 Vertigo Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B16 Vertigo Drops - Helps to relieve vertigo and travel sickness.

Bakson's B17 Bones Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B17 Bones Drops For correcting perturbations in growth of bones, rickets besides relieving fragility of bones and symptoms of Arthritis

Bakson's B18 Teeth Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B18 Teeth Drops - Helps relieve pain associated with dentition, Pyorrhoea and eases delayed teething.

Baksons B19 Colic Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B19 Colic Drops - Associated symptoms of Digestive Disorders

Bakson's B2 Stomach Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B2 Stomach Drops Stomach Drops for Acute and chronic gastritis, dyspepsia, ulcaration, flatulence, belching, inflammed mucosa of stomach, heart burns and for associated symptoms of Digestive Disorders

Bakson's B20 Sugar Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B20 Sugar Drops - Useful for Diabetes and hyperglycemia.

Bakson's B21 Strength Drops
EUR 12.8

Bakson #B21 Strength Drops Useful for Sexual asthenia, spermatorrhoea, general debility especially in men, nervous exhaustion and over excitement

Bakson's B22 Sinus Drops
EUR 29.60

Baksons #B22 Sinus Drops - For Acute and chronic catarrh of the nose, maxillary sinus and lack of olfaction

Bakson's B23 Skin Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B23 Skin Drops Helps relieve symptoms of acute & chronic Eczema, Pimples, Skin rashes, Urticaria and Psoriasis

Bakson's B24 Nausea Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B24 Nausea Drops Nausea, vomiting due to seasickness, morning sickness, gastric catarrh. Vomiting due to gastric catarrh of drinkers and gastric spasms.

Bakson's B25 Acne Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B25 Acne Drops Useful for Acne vulgaris, pimples & eczema.

Bakson's B26 Injury Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B26 Injury Drops Useful for Injuries of all types, sprain, wounds, bleeding, open ulcers and sepsis

Bakson's B27 Worms Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B27 Worms Drops - For all types of worm infestations. Helps in deworming all types of warms including Ascarides and Threadworms.

Bakson's B29 Intercostal Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B29 Intercostal Drops - Useful for Pain in Intercostal Spaces.

Bakson's B3 Diarrhoea Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B3 Diarrhoea Drops Useful for Chronic and acute gastroenterocolitis, diarrhoea and dysentery.

Bakson's B30 Nocturnal Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B30 Nocturnal Drops - For Bed wetting and bladder weakness

Bakson's B31 Mensin Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B31 Mensin Drops Useful for painful Menstruation, Dysmenorrhoea, cramping pains and labour pains

Bakson's B32 Lax-n-Liv Drops
EUR 13.25

Baksons Homeopathy #B32 Lax-n-Liv Drops For Liver and gall bladder disorders, gall stones, hepatitis, impaired bile secretion. lack of appetite, bitter taste in mouth, flatulence, constipation and pain abdomen

Bakson's B33 Cough Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B33 Cough Drops Useful for Continuous / spasmodic / suffocative cough associated with rhinitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and bronchial asthma

Bakson's B34 Tumour Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B34 Tumour Drops All tumours, both malignant or begin, anmalous epithilial growths like warts, glandular swellings and myomae

Bakson's B35 Urinary Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons #B35 Urinary Drops Relieves Pain in lumbo sacral region, inflammation of kidneys, baldder, uterus and peritoneum, burning before, during & after micturition, urine yellow & turbid

Bakson's B4 Heart Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons Homeopathy #B4 Heart Drops For Insufficiency of the heart, myocardial weakness in cases of valvular heart diseases, degenerative processes of the myocardium and coronary insufficiencies

Bakson's B40 Pleurisy Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B40 Pleurisy Drops - For Pain in intercostal space associated with pleurisy, pleural effusion, pleuro pneumonia and chest catarrh. Suffocation, cough and difficult breathing.

Bakson's B41 Vitality Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B41 Vitality Drops - For palpitation, general weariness, vertigo and tired limbs. Retains the lost vigour and vitality of drained out, exhausted and enfeebled individuals.

Bakson's B42 Hematinic Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B42 Hematinic Drops - Treatment for Loss of appetite, anaemia, perturbations in the production and circulation of blood owing to impaired functioning of liver and spleen or following acute ailments.

Bakson's B43 Hyper Hydrosis Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B43 Hyper Hydrosis Drops - For Profuse perspiration associated with climacteric disorders, acute infectious diseases and fever. Unpleasant, hot cold or sticky sweat causing exhaustion.

Bakson's B44 Convulsion Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B44 Convulsion Drops - For epilepsy, cramps and convulsions.

Bakson's B45 Neural Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B45 Neural Drops - Treatment for Nervous irritability, twitchings, convulsion, chorea, St.Vitus dance, restless sleep.

Bakson's B46 Right Abdominal Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B46 Right Abdominal Drops - Relieves pain in right side abdomen. For Digestive Disorders.

Bakson's B47 Left Abdominal Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B47 Left Abdominal Drops - convulsive pains in the abdomen ( left ) owing to parametritis, salpingitis, renal calculi, ovarian cysts and ovarian tumours.

Bakson's B48 Vein Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B48 Vein Drops - Venous stasis in any part of the body particularly lower limbs, varicose veins, itching and varicose ulcers.

Bakson's B49 Astha Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B49 Astha Drops - For Bronchial asthma and spastic bronchitis.

Baksons B50 Stimulant Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B50 Stimulant Drops - Treatment for Exhaustion of heart, palpitation and dyspnoea. Stimulates the conduction and tones up heart muscles. Raises blood pressure and regularizes it.

Bakson's B5 Gold Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B5 Gold Drops - For Cardiac neurosis, arrhythmia, tachycadia and coronary insufficiencies.

Bakson's B51 Laryngeal Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B51 Laryngeal Drops - For Chronic hoarseness of singers, actors, teachers and orators, pain in larynx, laryngitis, T.B.of larynx & globus hystericus.

Bakson's B52 Arthralgia Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B52 Arthralgia Drops - Rheumatism of knees, shoulders, back and limbs, mainly bones of fore arms, hands and elbow joint. Gout, intercostal neuralgia & arthritis.

Bakson's B53 Hypochondriacal Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B53 Hypochondriacal Drops - Hysteria. Sensitivity to noise, nervous and hysterical women. Suffocation, throbbing and constriction of throat.

Bakson's B54 Pulmonic Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B54 Pulmonic Drops - Chronic Bronchitis. Respiratory disease is a medical term that encompasses pathological conditions affecting the organs and tissues that make gas exchange possible in higher organisms.

Bakson's B55 Fem Rheuma Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B55 Fem Rheuma Drops - Rheumatism is essentially a condition in which a person experiences serve pain in bone, muscles and joints, along with swelling.

Bakson's B56 Thyrotoxic Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B56 Thyrotoxic Drops - For trembling of hands, perspiration, exophthalmos, emaciation, diarrhea and other symptoms of thyrotoxicosis.

Bakson's B57 Memory Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B57 Memory Drops - Memory Weakness. For weakness of memory, exhustion and vertigo.

Bakson's B58 Pneumo Hepatic Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B58 Pneumo Hepatic Drops - For lungs and liver disorders.

Bakson's B59 Anasarca drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B59 Anasarca drops - Ascites, oedema of legs, muscular weakness of the heart, pulmonary or cardiac dropsy. Shows marked diuretic action.

Bakson's B6 Inflammation Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B6 Inflammation Drops - Inflammation Drops Local inflammations acute and chronic rheumatic pain, polyarthritis. Inflammation of the maxillary sinus and dentel root, inflammation of tonsils, pharynx, meninges and conjunctiva.

Bakson's B60 Inflamed Mucosa Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B60 Inflamed Mucosa Drops - Inflammation of mucous membranes, catarrhal affection, irritation of eyes, photophobia, skin rashes and measles.

Bakson's B61 Blood Purifier Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B61 Blood Purifier Drops - Impurities of the blood, Unhealthy skin, boils,abscesses,pimples,eczema and swelling of lymph glands.

Bakson's B62 Circulation Drops
EUR 29.60

Baksons B62 Circulation Drops - Peripheral Vascular Disease. Cramps of calf muscles, cramps in limbs, venous congestion, endarteritis obliterans, intermittent claudication and Raynauds disease.

Baksons B63 Kidney Drops
EUR 29.60

Baksons B63 Kidney Drops - Exhaustion, backache, pain in the region of kidneys, albuminuria, proteinuria, nephrosis, chronic nephritis and nephro sclerosis.

Bakson's B64 Dermato Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B64 Dermato Drops - Thickening of epidermoid layer, exfoliation of skin, eczema and psoriasis.

Bakson's B65 Cardiac Efficiency Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B65 Cardiac Efficiency Drops - Palpitation, angina, disorders of cardiac rhythm and conduction following degenerative heart disease and myocardial infarct.

Baksons B67 Shingles Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B67 Shingles Drops - Helps relieve burning pains. Itching vesicles, neuralgia associated with burning and itching, herpes labialis and herpes zoster.

Bakson's B68 Neuralgia Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B68 Neuralgia Drops - Neuralgia of various parts, trigeminal and facial neuralgia, infra and supra orbital neuralgia, sharp, tearing and cramping pains.

Bakson's B69 Sciatica Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B69 Sciatica Drops - Formication and pain in legs, paraesthesia, cramp like drawing pain along the sciatic nerve, and sciatica due to prolapse of the vertebral disc.

Bakson's B7 Climacteric Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B7 Climacteric Drops - Climacteric Drops Flushes of heat, physical weakness, psychic exhaustion, headaches and irrugular menstruation.

Bakson's B70 Pancreatic Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B70 Pancreatic Drops - Bloated abdomen, increased flatulence, left hypogastric pain, indigestion and chronic pancreatitis.

Bakson's B71 Arthropathy Drops
EUR 17.30

Baksons B71 Arthropathy Drops - Painful, swollen, stiff joints especially large joints like knee, hip and shoulder. Osteoarthritis and polyarthritis.

Bakson's B8 Calcification Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B8 Calcification Drops - Cures Symptoms associated with Arteriosclerosis in general, senility, vertigo, and weak memory.

Bakson's B9 Hemorrhoidal Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B9 Hemorrhoidal Drops - Treatment for Hemorrhoids, anal fissure, itching and profuse bleeding.

Bakson's B11 Pain Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B11 Pain Drops - For Acute and chronic myalgia, lumbago, rheumatic disorders, pain of the muscles and bones, sciatica, spondylarthritis.

Bakson's B12 Headache Drops
EUR 11.8

Baksons B12 Headache Drops - Migraine, nervous headaches, neuralgia of the head and indisposition due to continuous headaches.

Bakson's B13 Prostatitis Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B13 Prostatitis Drops - For Prostatic enlargement and inflammation. Also for symptoms associated with acute and chronic Prostatitis.

Bakson's B36 Endocrine Drops (Male)
EUR 12.8

Baksons B36 Endocrine Drops - Male - Treats Various endocrine disorders like Addisons disease, Graves disease, goitre, myoxedema etc. resulting in asthenia / obesity, hypotonia / hypertonia, senility, impotency, retarded intellectual development and diabetes.

Bakson's B37 Endocrine Drops (Female)
EUR 18.25

Baksons B37 Endocrine Drops - Female - Treats Various endocrine disorders like Addisons disease, Graves disease, goitre, myoxedema etc. resulting in asthenia/obesity, hypotonia/hypertonia, senility, impotency, retarded intellectual development and diabetes.

Bakson's B38 Reactivating Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B38 Reactivating Drops - Lowered reactivity of the body manifested as obstinate itching of the skin, oversensitive skin, vesicles, nodules, pustules and other skin disease which do not respond to any theraphy - general dyscrasia.

Bakson's B39 Cardio Pulmonary Drops
EUR 12.8

Baksons B39 Cardio Pulmonary Drops - For Oppression, suffocation, palpitation, nervous irritable cough and anginous condition of the heart.

Bakson's Sunny Aloevera Calendula Soap
EUR 11.9

Baksons Homoeopathy Aloevera Calendula Bathing Bar - keeps your skin soft and supple all day long and protects from sunburns with the goodness of Aloevera, Calendula and Vitamin E.

Bakson's Arsenicum Sulphuratum Flavum
EUR 14.25

Baksons Arsenicum Sulphuratum Flavum - It is highly efficacious in leucoderma and pityriasis alba where it instantly puts a check on the spread of depigmented lesion and gradually brings back the normal skin color.

Bakson's Antimonium Tartaricum
EUR 14.25

Baksons Antimonium Tartaricum - For Respiratory ailments with coughing and great rattling of mucus, Gastric complaints, skin diseases with pustular eruptions and warts or as advised by the physician.

Bakson's Compound No 1 (Backache)
EUR 8.45

Baksons compound 1 backache Tablet - Useful for Lumbar Spondylosis.

Bakson's Compound No 2 (Backache Females)
EUR 8.45

Baksons compound 2 backache in females - Useful to Relieve Backache in females, Tablets for Rheumatism in females.

Bakson's Compound No 25 (Neuralgia)
EUR 7.9

Baksons compound 25 neuralgia - Helps Relieve Sharp, Shooting , neuralgic pains especially Facial neuralgic with twitching of muscles.

Bakson's Compound No 28 (Otitis)
EUR 7.9

Baksons compound 28 otitis - Otitis

Bakson Compound No 3 (Hives/Urticaria)
EUR 7.9

Baksons compound 3 hives - For Urticaria and Hives.

Bakson Compound No 30 (Sinusitis)
EUR 7.9

Baksons compound 30 sinusitis - Helps Relieve Sinusitis associated with recurrent sneezing, thick nasal discharge, blocked nose, loss of smell and headache.

Bakson's Compound No 42 (Worms)
EUR 7.9

Baksons compound 42 worms - Helps in deworming and relieve associated symptoms like colic, diarrhea, itching of nose and anus.

Bakson's Compound No 46 (Slim)
EUR 7.9

Baksons compound 46 slim - Helps reduce weight gain especially due to thyroid imbalance and also decreases the tendency to put on weight.

Bakson's Compound No 5 (Pain Joints)
EUR 8.45

Baksons compound 5 pain-joints - Relieves Rheumatoid Arthritis. Cures Joint Pain.

Bakson's Compound No 6 (Pain Muscles Children)
EUR 8.45

Baksons compound 6 pain-joints muscles for children - For Myalgia & Arthralgia.

Baksons Calcarea Arsenicosa
EUR 20.90

Baksons Calcarea arsenicosa - Treatment for Menopausal Syndrome, glioblastoma multiforme, recurrent headaches, epileptic seizures.

Bakson's Calcarea Iodata
EUR 7.9

Baksons Calcarea Iodata - Treatment for Headache, Catarrh, sneezing, Polypi of nose and ear, For Enlarged tonsils are filled with little crypts, Chronic cough, Pain in chest, difficulty breathing after syphilis and mercurialization, Indolent ulcers, accompanying varicose veins.

Bakson's Carbo vegetabilis
EUR 7.9

Baksons Carbo vegetabilis - Relieves from Aversion to darkness. Fear of ghosts. Sudden loss of memory. Removes itches on scalp, reduce skin irritation and pale face.

Bakson's Cholesterinum
EUR 7.9

Baksons Cholesterinum - Treatment for Liver disorders.

Baksons Cuprum Oxydatum Nigrum
EUR 20.90

Baksons Cuprum Oxydatum Nigrum - For Symptoms of Worm infestations or as advised by the Physician.

Bakson's Ferrum Picricum
EUR 7.9

Baksons Ferrum Picricum - For Symptoms of Senile hypertrophy of prostate or as advised by the physician.

Bakson's Hekla Lava
EUR 13.95

Baksons Hekla Lava - For Tooth and Gum Affections. Prevents Tooth ache, Decay of Teeth, Neuralgia & Pyorrhoea.

Bakson Homoeopathy Henna Powder
EUR 11.80

Baksons Sunny Arnica Henna Powder With Arnica - Gives Extra Conditioner to Colour & Condition Gray Dry, Unmanageable Hair.

Bakson's Mercurius Iodatus Ruber
EUR 9.9

Baksons Mercurius Iodatus Ruber - Treatment for Tonsillitis. For swollen glands and states of inflammation or as advised by the physician.

Baksons Titanium
EUR 9.9

Baksons Titanium - Treatment for Male Sexual Disorders.

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Lip Balm
EUR 5.6

Baksons Homeopathy - Sunny Lip Balm - Enriched with goodness of Almond oil & Vit. E, it deeply moisturizes & nourishes lips.

Bakson Alfalfa Tonic (Sugar Free) - 450 ml
EUR 11.4

Which stimulates appetite, improves digestion, assimilation & aids excretion.

Bakson's Liv Aid Syrup - 115 ml
EUR 11.95

Medicine of choice for Hepatitis, Hypertrophy of liver & Jaundice.

Bakson's Kof Aid Plus Syrup (Sugar Free) - 115 ml
EUR 11.95

Medicine of choice for Hepatitis, Hypertrophy of liver & Jaundice.

Bakson's Prostate Aid Drops
EUR 13.7

It relieves the frequency, urgency, hesitancy to urinate, dribbling of urine & its interrupted flow.

Baksons Hite Aid Tablets
EUR 13.95

Its helps promote height and growth to their full potential

Bakson's B66 Shock Drops
EUR 13.25

Associated Symptoms of Heart Disorder - Shock- Circulatory shock & Vertigo

Bakson's Baskodent-Toothpaste
EUR 5.55

Saunf Flavour helps to keep breath ultra-fresh for up to 12 hours.

Bakson's Sunny Arnica Montana Hair Oil (with Jaborandi) - 100 ml
EUR 7.4

Directions for use of Bakson's Sunny Arnica Hair Oil With Jaborandi : Massage gently on the scalp for 15-20 minutes. Shampoo after 1-2 hours.

Baksons Arnica Cream
EUR 15.95

Bakson's Spondy Aid Drops
EUR 16.3

Baksons Spondy Aid Drops is useful in treating the diseases of the spine and back.

Bakson's Sunny Herbal Sun Care SPF 30
EUR 17.6

Baksons Sun Care Cream SPF 30 works wonderfully to deliver an optimal combination of sun protection , hydration and smoothness.

Bakson's Calci Aid Tablets - 200 Capsules
EUR 10.2

Details Of Calci Aid Tablets :

  • Calci Aid is a combination of Calcarea carb. 3x , Calcarea flour. 3x , Calcarea phos. 3x, Silicea 3x. Calcium is one of the most important macronutrients for the body's growth and function. Efficacy of Calci aid has been proven by clinical study. 
  • Calci Aid Tablets is an effective supplement for all age groups including Pregnant and Lactating mothers. 

Bakson's Cantharis Cream
EUR 15.4

Details Of Cantharis Cream : 

 For burns and scalds with rawness, Vesicular eruptions, Eczema with burning and itching

Bakson's Sunny Moisturisation Lotion with Aloe Vera and Calendula
EUR 18.2

Details Of Baksons Moisturisation Lotion :

  • This natural skin care formulation enriched with the extracts of known herbs & the added goodness of Aloevera makes the skin velvety and radiantly soft.
  • Its anti-ageing properties fight against skin pigmentation, wrinkles & other signs of ageing ; healing attributes soothe the skin & anti-tanning activity protects skin against sun burn.

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