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Bipha Drug Laboratories Aikout Tablet
EUR 9.8

Aikout Tablet - Reduces levels of ESR, Rheumatic factor & C-reactive protein

Bipha Drug Laboratories Bipasil Plus Capsules
EUR 29.50

Bipasil Plus Capsule, For Arterial-renal-neurogenic disorders

Bipha Drug Laboratories Ayurveda Bipasil Tablet
EUR 17.23

Bipasil Tablet For regulating blood pressure

Bipha Gokshura Punarnavadi Tablet
EUR 12.75

Gokshura Punarnavadi Tablet, Natural thearpy to cure urinary tract infections

Bipha M R Y Compound Tablet
EUR 14.75

M.R.Y Compound Tablet, Cures Rheumatic Pains, Gout, Sciatica, Spondylosis

Bipha Padhyashadangam Tablet
EUR 29.50

Padhyashadangam Tablet For Heaviness of Head, Insomnia

Bipha Drug Laboratories Pranada Tablet
EUR 9.4

Pranada Tablet, Treats anaemia, cirrhosis of liver and spleen

Bipha Drug Laboratories Rajanyamalakadi Tablet
EUR 12.05

Rajanyamalakadi Tablet For Diabetes Mellitus

Bipha Drug Laboratories Somna Tablet
EUR 11.4

Somna Tablet For Insomnia and stress

Bipha Drug Laboratories - Ayurveda Agasthyavyoshadi Vatakam Lehyam
EUR 17.62

Bipha Agasthyavyoshadi Vatakam Lehyam Online - Sinusitis, Nasal, Head Diseases. Bipha Drug Laboratories Ayurveda Products

Bipha Drug Laboratories Alcin Tablets

Bipha Acidity Control (Alcin) Tablets - Remedy for abdominal colic, heart burn, nausea, intestinal wounds, vomitting, peptic ulcer, inflammatory bowel diseases and ulcerative colitis.

Bipha Drug Laboratories Asthmacure Tablet

Bipha Asthmacure Tablet - For Respiratory Infections

Bipha Cir Hep 10 Tablets

Bipha Cir Hep 10 Tablets Supports gall bladder, digestion, bowel movement and promotes healthy liver cell regeneration

Bipha Drug Laboratories Cir Hep 10 Syrup
EUR 8.6

Bipha Cir Hep 10 Syrup for Hepatitis, Anorexia, Infectious Jaundice, Liver Cirrhosis, Enlargement of Liver and Spleen, Alcoholic and Slugish Liver

Bipha Ayurveda Digestive Care Deepani
EUR 14.7

Bipha Digestive Care (Deepani) Tablet - Stimulates Appetite, Ensures Digestion, Promotes Absorption, Facilitates Bowel Evacuation, Relieves Flatulence, Colic

Bipha Drug Laboratories Miobip Tablet
EUR 7.8

Bipha Ayurvedha Miobip Tablet - Remedy for all sorts of migraines, cluster headache, general headaches, corrects digestion, removes constipation, strengthens strained ligaments of neck & jaws, corrects blood flow to cerebral cortex.

Bipha Drug Laboratories Jeevaniya Tablets
EUR 12.9

Bipha Jeevaniya Tablets - Improves Body\\\'s Endurance, Immunity, Fights Fatigue, Promotes Cellular Health

Bipha Drug Laboratories MRY Plus Tablets
EUR 12.45

Bipha Ayurvedha MRY Plus Tablets - Strengthens Muscle Ligaments, Improves blood flow to joints, Remedy for Arthritis, corrects digestion.

Bipha Ashwagandha
EUR 11.4

Bipha Drug Laboratories - Herbionics - Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) for combating Stress, Nourishes, Rejuvenates Tissues, Increases Immune Cells

Bipha Brahmi Capsule
EUR 12.95

Bipha Drug Laboratories - Herbionics - Brahmi Capsule (Bacopa monnieri) Improves memory, mental clarity, increasing protein synthesis and activity in brain cells, calms mind and promotes relaxation

Bipha Bael Capsule
EUR 10.95

Bipha Drug Laboratories - Herbionics - Bael - Helps to treat diarrhoea, dysentery and worm infestations. Anthelmintic and Anti inflammatory conditions

Bipha Garcinia Capsule
EUR 11.95

Bipha Drug Laboratories - Herbionics - Garcinia Protects from Rheumatism, Bilious affections, Ulcers, Lowers Acidity, Weight control. Treats gastric Ulcers, Protects Gastric Mucosa

Bipha Drug Laboratories Tristrol Tablet
EUR 14.15

Tristrol Tablet - Lowers cholesterol levels, reduces hyperglycemia and thereby prevents the risk of arteriosclerosis and myocardial infraction

Bipha Gokshura Tablet
EUR 11.45

Bipha Drug Laboratories - Herbionics - Gokshura has Aphrodisiac Properties, Increase Sexual Stamina, Improves Blood Circulation to Reproductive Organs, Sperm Production

Bipha Guduchi Capsule
EUR 11.95

Bipha Drug Laboratories - Herbionics - Guduchi alleviates bodyheat, thirst, burning sensation to skin and vomiting. Improves immune system and body resistance

Bipha Harithaki Tablet
EUR 11.45

Bipha Drug Laboratories - Haritaki Tablet Herbionics promotes appetite and helps in digestion, acts as gastrointestinal prokinetic agent, stimulates liver, protects by expelling waste excretory products from intestines

Bipha Neem Capsule
EUR 11.45

Bipha Drug Neem Capsule Herbionics Blood Purifier, Useful skin diseases, removes toxins from body, heals Wound

Bipha Ovrital Capsule
EUR 31.95

Bipha Drug Laboratories - Herbionics - Ovrital Capsule Promotes liver functions and accelerates detoxifying process. Removes alcohol from liver cells

Bipha Prolon G Capsule
EUR 31.95

Bipha Drug Laboratories - Herbionics - Prolon-G Capsule Supports systematic balance in the male reproductive system, Support adequate and strong erections. Purely Natural

Bipha Ayurveda Throat Soothener Thalisapatram
EUR 13.45

Throat soothener is an effective ayurvedic formulation for sore, scratchy throats, cough and other respiratory ailments.

Bipha Drug Laboratories M.R.Y. Compound

Pippalimool (Piper Longum) : Relieves Cough, Cold, Asthma and hoarseness. Effective in all kinds of inflammation. Dhanyakam (Coriandrum Sativum) : This is aromatic, Stimulant, Carminative, Stomachic, Antibilous, Refrigerant, Tonic, diuretic and aphrodisiac.

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