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Silk N Shine post wash hair conditioner with Fruit Vitamins
EUR 11.2

Hair & Care’s new Silk-n-Shine hair potion with the goodness of fruit-vitamins works naturally on tangled hair with a unique 3-steps action, leaving if soft and silky. Silk-N-Shine coats every strand of hair Silk-N-Shine undoes knots and snarls, detangling hair Silk-N-Shine makes hair soft and silky, in minutes

Banjaras Aritha Powder
EUR 9.2

Banjaras Aritha Powder is excellent for washing hair. It adds sparkle and gives natural gloss & bounce to the hair. For better result add Banjaras Shikakai Powder & Amla Powder.

Dhathri Chemparathi Thaali
EUR 14.45

Dhathri Chemparathi Thaali Natural Hair Wash is the best treatment for the hair loss. helps to maintain healthy and thick hair. 100% natural Chemparathi Thaali is safe for daily use. gives a soft and healthy shine to the hairs. provides coolness to head.

Meera Herbal Hairwash Paste
EUR 9.8

Meera Herbal Hairwash Powder is enriched with essential natural ingredients. Meera Herbal Hairwash Powder is a perfect grooming product, one that guarantees to make your hair soft, lustrous and healthy.

Vcare Herbal Hair Wash
EUR 6.7

Vcare herbal hair wash and conditioner isalso cleanses the hair completely removing dirt, dust and excess oil and makes the hair soft and silky.

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