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Ayulabs Nutrich Capsule
EUR 18.95

Ayulabs Nutrich Capsule replenishes vital Nutrients to scalp, Promotes melanogenesis and prevents graying, prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth, Revitalises the thinning hair in post pregnancy period and prolonged illness.

SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil
EUR 29.50

Jaborandi Hair Oil Prevents Baldness, Hairfall, Dandruff

Richfeel Hair Nourisher
EUR 25.50

The RichFeel Hair Nourisher is extremely effective on Alopecia and hair fall. It is a hair stimulant.

Sesa Shampoo for Men
EUR 6.2

Sesa Shampoo for Men

Johnson's Active Kids Soft and Smooth Shampoo
EUR 9.8

Unique No More Tears Formula so that it doesn’t sting baby’s delicate eyes

Ayush Soap
EUR 10.2

Ayush Soap has a unique formulation enriched with Tulsi, Amla, Ritha, Neem and other herb extracts, that kill 99.9% of seven types of skin and scalp germs.

Ayush Therapy Dandruff Naashak Shampoo
EUR 9.4

Ayush Therapy - Dandruff Naashak Shampoo - Hair Vitalization - Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine. Helps reduce dandruff.

Bakson's Hair Aid Drops
EUR 29.50

Baksons Homeopathy Bakson Homoeopathy Hair Aid Drops External preparation conditions scalp and hair and also nourishes the hair roots.

K P Namboodiris Ayurvedic Dandruff Shampoo
EUR 8.25

K.P. Namboodiri's Ayurvedic Anti Dandruff Shampoo removes dandruff and protects hair.Enriched with the goodness of nature, K.P.Namboodiri's AyurvedicAnti Dandruff Shampoo gently removes dandruff and prevents recurrence, without causing any damage to hair.

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