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Ayulabs Molis Baby Massage Oil

Ayulabs Molis Baby Massage Oil promotes nervine conductance and tone, Strengthens Muscles and bone , improves peripheral circulation and skin tone , Promotes immunity and growth , provides antiseptic and cooling effect, Relieves skin irritation and rashes.

Ayulabs Penwel Oil
EUR 5.55

Penwel Oil is a Reliable Combination of Analgesics; Anti Inflammatory & Mild Anti Pyretics, Effective in Frozen Shoulder, inhibits Prostaglandin Secretion, Helps in URIC Acid excretion in gouty arthritis , is not associated with G.I. Bleeding or Ulcer formation.

Ayulabs Point Capsule
EUR 12.1

Point Capsule enhance Fibrin clot formation , Stops bleeding by construction wounded blood vessels , strengthens capillaries, restores haemostasis , Enhances the Natural process of clotting.

Ayulabs Refill Capsule
EUR 10

Refill Capsule provides natural vitamin C, Replenishes Iron; Calcium; Vitamins & Minerals , promotes Cellular Metabolism, Ensures Better state of nutrition to muscles, blood & bones.

SBL-Homeopathy Stodal Syrup for Cough
EUR 23.30

Stodal Syrup is a Complete Cough Syrup which singularly manages : Dry Cough , Productive Cough & Asthmatic Cough

Vasu Pharma Bonton Capsule
EUR 11

Bonton Capsule Helps Fracture Healing, Fights Osteoporosis

Vasu Pharma Caspa Drops
EUR 6.8

Caspa Drops Natural Antispasmodic & Carminative

Vasu Pharma Meryton Tablet

Meryton Tablet Treats female infertility

Vasu Pharma Plugit Capsule for Spasmodic Pain
EUR 6.8

Plugit Capsule Safe Spasmo Analgesic

Zandu Maha Yogaraj Guggul
EUR 22.55

Zandu Maha Yogaraj Guggul, Used in Musculo-skeletal Disorders

Zandu Rhumasyl oil
EUR 12.2

Zandu Rhumasyl Liniment ( Oil) for Powerful Muscle Rubefacient

Zandu Rhumasyl Ointment
EUR 8.3

Zandu Rhumasyl Ointment - Reduces Inflammation and Improves Joint Mobility.

SBL Homeopathy RelaxHed Tablets for Migraine
EUR 11.30

Relaxhed is a balanced combination of homoeopathic medicines, having tremendous power to treat migraines and recurrent headaches due to various reasons.

EUR 5.45

Used for Back Pain, Joint Pain, Inflammation, Sprains, Strains, Myositis, Fibrositis and Sciatica.

EUR 8.09

odex competes in the topical balms segment, giving quick relief from back pains, waist pains, joints pains and sprains.

SBL Homeopathy Bio Combination Salts Asthma 2
EUR 19.65

Homeopathy Salts Asthma 2 for Bronchial asthma with yellow sputum, worse in the evening, asthma accompanied by cough or troublesome flatulence. Asthma aggravated by food or exertion.

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