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Dabur Babool Toothpaste

Dabur Babool Toothpaste A natural toothpaste packed with medicinal benefits of Babul tree

Dabur Promise Toothpaste

Dabur Promise Toothpaste A unique toothpaste containing natural and time-tested clove oil

Colgate Herbal Toothpaste
EUR 9.30

Colgate Herbal Toothpaste has Chamomile and Sege soothes oral ailments like toothaches, mouth ulcers and inflamed gums. Includes herbs like Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Myrhh, Sage.

Colgate Tooth Powder
EUR 13.30

Colgate Toothpowder has the “Super rakshak” formula enriched with calcium & minerals that make your teeth up to two times stronger. It has the amazing power of two ingredients – calcium and mineral for stronger and healthier teeth.

Pepsodent Toothpaste
EUR 11.95

Pepsodent has a range of toothpastes that could take care of specific oral care needs. Fights germs to protect teeth against cavities and gives strong teeth, fresh breath and healthy gums.

Dhathri Maavila Dantcare Tooth Paste

Healthy teeth is very much a part of healthy life. Historic texts and manuscripts tell that in former times man used to give much care and attention to the health of his teeth.

Ayurchem Forgum Powder
EUR 5.75

Ayurchem Forgum Powder Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine

K.P.Namboodiri's Special Tooth Powder
EUR 7.25

Ayurveda – the science of life is based on principles of nature. All Ayurvedic preparations have their ingredients derived from Nature. K.P.Namboodiri’s Dantadhavanachoornam is the most popular brand of Ayurvedic Tooth Powder in India. K.P.Namboodiri’s Toothpowder is an invaluable gift of Ayurveda.

Good Care Pharma Amla Juice
EUR 38.95

Goodcare Pharma Amla Juice. Regularizes bowel movements, reduces acidity and helps digestion. Rejuvenates and nourishes the tissues and removes toxins from the body.Supports function of the liver, spleen, heart and lungs.Purifies the blood, helps eyesight and strengthen bones, teeth, hair and nails.Promotes immunity.

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