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Shahnaz Husain Shalife Plus
EUR 20.68

Shalife Plus Vitaminised Skin Nourishing Cream

Shahnaz Husain Flower Power Ayurvedic Honey Intensive Cream
EUR 22.78

Shahnaz Husain Flower Power Honey Health Ayurvedic Honey Intensive Cream Specially designed for dull, dehydrated skins helps to provide maximum rehydration and nourishment, making the skin soft and smooth.

Shahnaz Husain Oxygen Skin Treatment Cream
EUR 19.19

Revolutionary Oxygen Formula Shahnaz Oxygen Skin Cream

Lotus Herbals Wheat Germ Oil Facial Massage Creame
EUR 14

Wheatgerm Oil & Honey Nourishment Creme - To Skin Rejuvenation

Garnier Total Comfort Anti Tightening Cream
EUR 7.15

100% pure acacia honey, for its hydro-fixating properties, to help maintain the skin’s moisture level. Garnier Total Comfort, for 24 hours of hydration and comfort, and for supple skin that feels like velvet to touch.

Aroma Magic Almond Under Eye Cream
EUR 15.45

Aroma Magic Almond Under Eye Cream - Removes Fine Lines on skin & Wrinkles.

Lacto Calamine Lotion-Hydration
EUR 12.15

Lacto Calamine Lotion has a mild germicidal and soothing effect on irritated or inflamed skin, as well as an astringent action. For oily to normal skin.

VLCC Almond Under Eye Cream
EUR 15.87

This unique light formulation with the goodness of Almond and Wheatgerm, nourishes and moisturizes the under eye area. It helps reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eye area, firms and tones skin.

Anti Acne Pimple Cream(Neem& Long Pepper)
EUR 13.2

Jovees Ayurveda Neem & Long Pepper Anti Acne Pimple Cream for oily, sensitive & acne prone skin

Natures Essence Neem Aloevera Face wash
EUR 10.75

Nature’s Essence Neem Aloevera Face Wash is a gentle and effective face wash which is biessed with neem aloe vera & turmeric. Ensures acne free skin and antiseptic deep cleansing.

Dove Intensive Nourishing Cream
EUR 9.75

Dove Intensive Cream Nourishing Care is designed to bring moisture back to patches of dry skin – elbows, legs and feet for example – combines nourishing ingredients and a generous dose of Active Moisturiser for deep – down effectiveness.

Karthika Shikakai Shampoo
EUR 13.30

Ayur Amla Shikakai with Reetha Shampoo Strengthen hair roots, Cleanses hair, Nourishing hair

VLCC Silver Facial Kit
EUR 16.31

Purifies and detoxifies skin . For healthy skin and bright complexion

Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Day Cream SPF 24
EUR 15.65

Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Day Lotion SPF 24, usage is a natural way for milky, translucent skin.

Banjara's Saffron Face Pack
EUR 23.50

Saffron face pack is a traditional based formula, it soothes & nourishes the dull skin while it improves the complexion derived from natural sources that helps to reduce the production of melamin provides deep moisturising & protects skin from harmful effect of UVA & UVB rays.

Banjaras Papaya Massage Cream
EUR 11.2

Banjaras Papaya Massage Cream

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