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Natures Essence Bridal Pack
EUR 16.30

Bridal Pack, An effective Face Pack with special essential oils, which ensures Glow and Sheen on the face An ideal choice for soft, silky and bridal looks.

EUR 21.9

Ponds Age Miracle Make-Up Remover For radiantly youthful skin

Ayur Herbal All Purpose Cream with Aloe Vera

Ayur all purpose Cream. Tightens the skin & prevents dehydration. Having fluffy & light texture, is easily absorbed by the skin.

Fem Botanica Anti Wrinkle and Skin Firming Cream
EUR 19.25

Botanica Anti-Wrinkle and Skin Firming Cream Cell Modulation System with Jojoba Oil Botanica Replenishes the lost cellular lipids and brings back the radiant glow on the skin Botanica makes Skin Firm and Lightens Under Eye Circles.

Jovees Anti Blemish Pigmentation Face Mask
EUR 15.61

Contains precious herbal & botanical extracts that help to migrate and remove blemishes, pigmentation, acne scars.

Ponds Active Moisture 24 Hour Moisturiser
EUR 13.2

Ponds Active Moisture 24 Hour Moisturiser Winter dryness strips your skin of its natural moisture balance, making it look lifeless, rough and unhealthy, new Pond's Active Moisture plumps up your skin with its ideal dose of moisture. With Ponds Active Moisture 24 Hour Moisturiser skin recovers its neseccesary hydration and radiates with glowing vitality.

EUR 27.4

Pond's Gold Radiance Youthful Night Repair Wake up revived, refreshed and younger looking.

Shahnaz Husain Gold Skin Radiance Timeless Youth KIT
EUR 36.15

Shahnaz Husain Facial Kits - Shahnaz Husain Gold Skin Radiance Kit contains - 24 Carat Gold Plus Anti-Age Exfoliating Scrub , 24 Carat Gold Shahnaz Husain Moisturising Cream , Nature's Gold Skin Radiance Gel & Nature's Gold Beautifying Mask.

Shahnaz Husain 24 Carat Gold Anti Age Exfoliating Scrub
EUR 46.53

The gold content in Shahnaz Gold Anti Aging Exfoliating Scrub enhances the superb skin effects of the formulation, delaying ageing signs and providing a radiant youthful glow.

Shahnaz Platinum Lotus Youth Capsule
EUR 18.75

Pure plant extracts and oils like lotus, Himalayan cherry, malkangini, ashwagandha as well as olive, almond, sunflower and soya oils. Easily absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin it nourishes and strengthens supportive tissues delaying visible ageing signs. It helps to recharge and texturise the skin making it soft, smooth, radiant and youthful. Contained in a soft gelatin capsule, it is easy to carry and use.

Shahnaz Platinum Ultimaten Cellular Skin Recharge Complex
EUR 73.1

It restores the ideal balance and energizes the skin. Platinum has been delicately blended with plant extracts, like jojoba oil, shea butter, aloe vera juice and grape fruit, to deliver essential nutrients. It achieves deep hydration and strengthens supportive tissues, ensuring soft, smooth, youthful and glowing skin.

Shahnaz Platinum Ultimaten Cellular Skin Recharge Mask
EUR 73.1

Containing precious platinum, blended with rose, ginseng, aloe vera and cucumber seeds, it influences the skin at the cellular level, tightening the supportive tissues and stimulating cell renewal. It improves the skin's ability to retain moisture and ensures its youthful beauty.

Shahnaz Platinum Ultimaten Cellular Skin Recharge Serum
EUR 73.1

Precious platinum solution has been combined with powerful natural antioxidants, like Vitamin-E, green tea, aloe vera and ginseng, to maintain the ideal hydration level and tighten the skin. With a deep cellular action, it promotes healthy collagen and porcelains the skin. Ensures firm, smooth, youthful and radiant skin.

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