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Pankajakasthuri Peekay Tablet
EUR 7.25

Pankajakasthuri Peekay Tablet

J & J Dechane Chesol
EUR 7.6

Chesol is an embrocation for muscular aches and pains, chest colds, and bronchitis.

J & J Dechane Desma
EUR 3.09

Desma is a combination of ayurvedic drugs for relief in asthma. Desma is also used as an expectorant in cough.

J & J Dechane Hemoplex
EUR 8.4

Hemoplex are tablets containing ayurvedic drugs for prophylaxis or treatment of infective conditions.

J & J Dechane Koflyn Tablets
EUR 3.09

Koflyn Tablets contains well known ayruvedic expectorant drugs and cough sedatives for treatment of cough, asthma cough and bronchitis.

Zandu Shwas Kuthar Ras
EUR 3.75

Shwas Kuthar Rasa - Useful in Asthma, Fevers, Local Acute Inflammation, Pneumonia, Erisipelas, Tonsillitis and painful Neuralgic affections.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Eculayptus
EUR 5.75

Eucalyptus globulus/Spain, Portugal, Australia, France, China/Leaf. Of the 300 species of eucalyptus trees in the world, Eucalyptus globulus is the best known.

Solumiks Afrol Plus with Gold Capsule
EUR 6.1

Afrol Plus with Gold Capsule, Restores Sexual Confidence and Improves Sexual Performance

Dabur Simhanad Guggulu
EUR 4.1

Dabur Simhanad Guggulu For skin diseases and chronic rheumatoid arthritis

Dabur Broncorid Syrup
EUR 14.53

Broncorid is a unique herbal combination of drugs, which manifests Anti histaminic, anti-inflammatory, mucolytic, expectorant and bronchodilator effect.

Dabur Chintamani Ras ( Trailokya Chintamani Ras )
EUR 9.7

Chintamani Ras improves heart function and acts as a prophylactic in Angina Pectoris and Myocardial Infarction.

Dabur Swaskas Chintamani Ras (with Gold and Pearl)
EUR 14.33

Swaskas Chintamani Ras is beneficial in respiration and chronic Cough.

Dabur Shwaasamrit
EUR 3.5

Dabur Shwaasamrit For breathlessness, chronic cough, cold, bronchitis and allergies

Ayurchem Mucex Cough Syrup
EUR 4.45

Ayurchem Mucex Cough Syrup - Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine

Imis Eosinophal
EUR 4.2

Imis Eosinophal Tablet for Eosinophilia Ayurvedic Medicine Reduces nasopharyngeal congestion to open blocked nose and relieves headache. An ideal medicine for tropical eosinophilia and allergic rhinitis. Controls cough, dyspnoea and sneezing.

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