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AVN Manomitram Tablets
EUR 16.25

AVN Manomitram Tablets reduces anxiety and distraction, and helps to increase concentration, grasping power, retension and memory. Is absolutely safe even during pregnancy and lactation. Is specially recommended during pregnancy to augment foetal brain development.

Junior Horlicks 123 (Stage 1)
EUR 10

The special nourisher for 1-2-3 year old provides nourishment to help build the developing immune system of the child

Bakson's Super Tonic
EUR 5.7

Baksons Homeopathy Bakson Homoeopathy Super Tonic Nourishing & invigorating tonic for all age groups.

Nestle Lactogen 2
EUR 12.9

Nestle Lactogen 2 Follow-up Formula Powder After 6 months Facts From Nestles Nutrition Research Lactogen 2 is a spray dried follow-up formula designed for infants after 6months as the liquid part of the diet during and after weaning, in addition to other foods.

Nestle Lactogen 3
EUR 12.9

Nestle Lactogen 3 - Follow-up Formula Powder - Contains Maltodextrin which is an easy to digest carbohydrate.Nestle Lactogen 3 - Follow-up Formula Powder Support Growth & brain Development For Older Infants After 12 Months Contains 12 Minerals and 14 Vitamins.

Nestle NAN Pro 3
EUR 15

Nestle NAN Pro 3 Nestle NAN PRO 3 is a follow-up formula designed for older infants after 10 months as the liquid part of the diet. Nestle NAN Pro 3 contains NutriProtect a unique combination of ProBlend, Immunonutrients and essential fatty acids.

Mother's Horlicks
EUR 13.2

Nestle Milo
EUR 10.55

Bipha Brahmi Capsule
EUR 10.45

Bipha Drug Laboratories - Herbionics - Brahmi Capsule (Bacopa monnieri) Improves memory, mental clarity, increasing protein synthesis and activity in brain cells, calms mind and promotes relaxation

Nestle Cerelac Stage 4 Multi Grain 5 Fruits
EUR 14.95

Nestle Cerelac Stage 4 Multi Grain 5 Fruits Fortified Baby Meal With Milk - Contains multiple cereals + multiple fruits/vegetables. Crunchier texture for the growing baby

Abbott Mama's Best
EUR 13.2

Abbott Mama's Best - Contains Nutrients that support Brain Development, Healthy Digestion, Immunity, Growth

Protinex Mama Chocolate
EUR 6.9

Protinex Mama with DHA, Rich Protein Supplement,Folic acid for healthy mother and intelligent baby development,Brain development of Foetus - Mama Protinex has protein, 32 esential vitamins, iron, iodine, calcium etc

Kerala Ayurveda Ajax Capsule
EUR 13.9

Kerala Ayurveda - Ajax Capsule - increases co-ordination between brain and sex organs. A Unique Formulation Specifically Meant For Arousing Sexual Instinct, Inducing Venereal Desire & Increasing Pleasure & Performance.

Amul Pro Whey Protein Malt Beverage
EUR 13.5

Suitable for people across age groups, particularly kids who require adequate nourishment for proper growth

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