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Amrutanjan Pain Balm Yellow
EUR 6.8

Amrutanjan Pain Balm Yellow with ten herbals ensures a fast remedy for head aches, pains and mild sprains. The unique aroma of Amrutanjan Pain Balm Yellow plays a role in relieving the pain.

Axe Brand Red Flower Oil

Axe Brand Red Flower Oil consists of a combination of ingredients specially formulated for the relief of rheumatic and muscular pain.

Franch Orthovin Liniment
EUR 9.75

Franch Orthovin Liniment Franch Orthovin Liniment is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine. Franch Orthovin Liniment Highly Concentrated Oil for Muscular Pain, Cramp, Sprains, Strains, Myositis, Backache, Body Pain, Joint Pain.

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