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Ban Labs Ovarin Syrup
EUR 16.25

Treating the gynaecological disorders is like solving one problem and disturbing other, that is creating other problem because a little disturbance in hormonal secretion makes a lot of differences.

Swadeshi Ayurved Swarnprabha Vati
EUR 6.1

Swarnprabha Vati Cures Sexual Debility, Impotency, Loss of Libido, Spermatorrhoea, Leucorrhoea, Uterus problems, Urinary tract infections, Diabetes etc.

Shankar Pharmacy Sthanya Syrup

Shankar Pharmacy Product Sthanya Syrup An Ayurvedic Medicine. Stimulating effect on endometrium adn uterine muscle fibres. It is excellent anti spasmodic, galactogauge and refrigerant

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