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Ayulabs Cheerup Syrup
EUR 10.95

Cheerup Syrup is Reinforced and enriched with Natural Nutrients, Promotes conversion of nutrients to energy, shortens post operative convalescence, A wholesome; Ideal; Reconstructive; Recuperative Rejuvenative; with anti seratonergic action, is an anabolic and adaptogenic.

Ayulabs Criston Capsule
EUR 11.05

Ayulabs Criston capsule ( The ideal lithotriptic in urinary stones ), disintegrates & dissolves the calculi, clears the blockade, Inhibits Crystallization of Phosphates & Oxalates, induces Diuresis, Prevents super saturation of urine.

Ayulabs Defet 5 Capsule OBESITY
EUR 16.05

Defet – 5 Capsules facilitates lipolysis in adipose tissues, Dissolves fat globules and promotes elimination, promotes normal cellular metabolism and reduces adiposity, Reduces harmful cholesterol and triglyceride levels, ensures reduction in body fat and weight.

Ayulabs Refill Capsule
EUR 9.55

Refill Capsule provides natural vitamin C, Replenishes Iron; Calcium; Vitamins & Minerals , promotes Cellular Metabolism, Ensures Better state of nutrition to muscles, blood & bones.

SBL Homeopathy Dibonil Liquid for Diabetes
EUR 4.65

Homeopathy Dibonil Liquid is an ideal combination for right glycaemic control ,reduces frequent urination, reduces excessive thirst , relieves and prevents cramps & muscular pain, builds up tissues, overcomes mental & physical fatigue , No gastric disturbances , No risk of producing hypoglycaemia , No adverse effect on vital organs , No known side effects on prolonged use.

Zandu Alpitone
EUR 27.2

Zandu Alpitone Syrup, Stimulates digestion, improves appetite.

Zandu Chandraprabhavati
EUR 5.35

Zandu Chandraprabha Vati - Useful in Albuminuria, Phosphaturia, Gout, Gonorrhoea, Renal Calculi, Chicken Pox, Herpes, Lumbago, Pruritus Vulva, Fever etc.

Zandu Pancharishta
EUR 17.45

Baidyanath Madhumehari Granules
EUR 6.55

Baidyanath Madhumehari Granules Relieve Frequent urination, Dryness of mouth, Numbness debility

J & J Dechane Chiniumco
EUR 3.99

Chiniumco is a combination of ayurvedic drugs for checking profuse bleeding.

J and J Dechane Herbitars
EUR 4.25

Herbitars is a combination of ayurvedic drugs consisting of bitter and other active principles for loss of appetite, sluggish liver , biliousness & constipation.

J & J Dechane Livactin G Tablets
EUR 4.95

Herbo mineral combination for senile debility and ageing disorders.

J & J Dechane Sal Phos
EUR 3.99

Sal Phos has a combination of ayurvedic drugs for loss of appetite and digestive disorders.

J & J Dechane Senzine
EUR 11.25

The combination of ayurvedic drugs in SENZINE is not a sexual excitant, but is a reliable tonic in nervous debility and sexual inefficiency.

J & J Dechane Spolax Granules
EUR 8.15

Spolax Granules contains natural vegetable laxatives for chronic constipation and re-educating bowel movement. Does not cause pain, discomfort or irritation of the intestinal mucosa.

J & J Dechane Vitesson
EUR 3.99

Vitesson is an ayurvedic drug combination for toning up the nervous system. Nonhabit forming. Tranquillizer without depressive effects.

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