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Ayulabs Criston Capsule
EUR 11.05

Ayulabs Criston capsule ( The ideal lithotriptic in urinary stones ), disintegrates & dissolves the calculi, clears the blockade, Inhibits Crystallization of Phosphates & Oxalates, induces Diuresis, Prevents super saturation of urine.

Zandu Chandraprabhavati
EUR 5.35

Zandu Chandraprabha Vati - Useful in Albuminuria, Phosphaturia, Gout, Gonorrhoea, Renal Calculi, Chicken Pox, Herpes, Lumbago, Pruritus Vulva, Fever etc.

Baidyanath Madhumehari Granules
EUR 6.55

Baidyanath Madhumehari Granules Relieve Frequent urination, Dryness of mouth, Numbness debility

Zandu Gokshuradi Gugul
EUR 5.3

Gokshuradi Guggul - Useful in Albuminuria, Phosphoturia, Enuresis, Dysuria, Calculi, Gonorrhoea and Rheumatism.

Zandu Trayodashang Gugul Gutika
EUR 4.3

Zandu Trayodashang Gugul Gutika

Charak Pharma Calcury Tablets
EUR 6.95

Calcury Tablets, Natural lithotriptic and diuretic

Imis Pithorin
EUR 9.35

Imis Pithorin Capsulefor Gall Stones, Calculi (stones), Gallbladder Stones.Helps to disintegrate and expel Gallbladder stones. Prevents cholesterol calculi formation in gall bladder by regularizing lipid metabolism. Stimulates bile secretion and promotes bile flow.

Clearstone Drops
EUR 7.25

A urinary calculi is a hard mass developed from crystals that separate from the urine and build up on the inner surface of kidney. With every passing day the stone comes in contact with urine and collect more minerals on its outer surface, thus increases in size and becomes more painful. SBL' Clearstone

Baksons B14 Renal Drops
EUR 10.3

Baksons #B14 Renal Drops - For renal calculus and urinary problems.

Bipha Drug Laboratories Alcin Tablets
EUR 4.95

Bipha Acidity Control (Alcin) Tablets - Remedy for abdominal colic, heart burn, nausea, intestinal wounds, vomitting, peptic ulcer, inflammatory bowel diseases and ulcerative colitis.

Bipha Ashwagandha
EUR 9.45

Bipha Drug Laboratories - Herbionics - Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) for combating Stress, Nourishes, Rejuvenates Tissues, Increases Immune Cells

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