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SBL Homeopathy Dibonil Liquid for Diabetes
EUR 4.65

Homeopathy Dibonil Liquid is an ideal combination for right glycaemic control ,reduces frequent urination, reduces excessive thirst , relieves and prevents cramps & muscular pain, builds up tissues, overcomes mental & physical fatigue , No gastric disturbances , No risk of producing hypoglycaemia , No adverse effect on vital organs , No known side effects on prolonged use.

Zandu Tribang Shila Tablets
EUR 9.45

Zandu Tribhang Shila - Improves quality of life in type 2 diabetes. Diabetes mellitus (type II) and its complications

Pankajakasthuri Herbals Ilogen Excel Tablets
EUR 6.15

Ilogen Excel Tablets for Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM)

Banlabs Arsol Capsule
EUR 14.45

Banlabs Arsol Capsule - Effective on Piles pain, Piles Bleeding, Constipation, Prolapsed Masses.

Ban Labs Calcurosin Syrup
EUR 11.35

Calcurosin Syrup is blend of natural alkalisers and pH regulators that normalizes the urinary pH and gives relief in burning micturation.

Ban labs Calcurosin Capsule
EUR 12.85

When surgery or lithotripsy is delayed in patient with Diabetes, Hypertension or Anaemia and in case of recurrent infection after surgery, to overcome such condition an ideal drug of choice is Calcurosin Capsule & Syrup as a dual therapy.

Charak Pharma Hyponidd Tablets
EUR 3.95

Hyponidd Tablets, Add-on anti-diabetic with antioxidant & hypolipidemic advantage.

Bipha Drug Laboratories Rajanyamalakadi Tablet
EUR 8.55

Rajanyamalakadi Tablet For Diabetes Mellitus

Baksons B20 Sugar Drops
EUR 10.3

Baksons #B20 Sugar Drops - Useful for Diabetes and hyperglycemia.

Bipha Drug Laboratories Tristrol Tablet
EUR 8.15

Tristrol Tablet - Lowers cholesterol levels, reduces hyperglycemia and thereby prevents the risk of arteriosclerosis and myocardial infraction

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