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Shahnaz Husain Morning Glory Flower Power Antiseptic Cream
EUR 25.15

Shahnaz Flower Power Range Morning Glory Skin Shine Antiseptic & Protective Cream

Ayur Herbal Tulsi Face Pack
EUR 5.45

It revitalizes & stimulates the cellular activity of the skin. It is known for its medicinal values anti-septic & anti-fungal properties. Keeps the skin looking, clear, soft & healthy.

Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream WSO
EUR 8.2

Vicco Turmeric cream is also available without sandalwood oil i.e.: Vicco Turmeric WSO. Rich with the benefits of Turmeric.

Aroma Magic Aromatherapy Witch Hazel Pack
EUR 11.2

Aroma Magic Witch Hazel Pack is an excellent massage cream for acne prone skin. Hazel Pack has antiseptic and healing properties giving amazing results on acne prone and blemished skin.

Banjaras Multani Sandal Skin Care Powder
EUR 5.45

Banjaras Multani with Sandal Face Pack is useful for all skin types. Sandal has a powerful antiseptic and germicidal effect preventing pimples and skin eruptions.

Himani Boro Plus Antiseptic Cream
EUR 6.2

Himani Boroplus Sun Protection Lotion +Glow SPF 15 UVA+ Protects from skin darkening & sunburn

Jovees Ayurveda Sandal, Saffron & Honey Anti Ageing Face
EUR 14.2

Jovees Ayurveda Sandal, Saffron & Honey Anti Ageing Face? ,This ayurvedic anti ageing mask is a time-tested formulation with natural extracts of sandalwood, saffron, almond that gently helps to mitigate and remove fine lines by accelerating the cell renewal process

Jovees Tea Tree Oil Control Face Wash
EUR 13.3

Jovees Tea Tree Oil Control Face Wash Control Acne & Pimples

Fourrts Nulook Cream

Fourrts Nulook Moisturizing Cream is a combination of teo complexion – enhancing herbs, that leaves your skin looking healthy, nourished and beautiful. contains Aloevera, Calendula & Vitamin E that prevents scarring, sunburn and ageing of skin.

Ayur Herbal Mint Face Pack
EUR 5.75

Having a very refreshing aroma, it has a cooling & reviving effect on a listless & tired looking skin. Helps to tighten, firm & tone up the facial muscles.

Ayur Herbal Neem Face Pack
EUR 5.75

Ayur Neem Face Pack Restores skin\'s natural Ph Balance. It heals acne & cures pimples

Banjaras Neem Scrub Gel
EUR 16.2

Banjaras Neem Scrub Gel is an antiseptic exfoliator which removes dry and dead skin cells. Removes all impurities from the skin leaving the skin soft and comfortable. Enjoy a deep cleansing effect with the gentle yet effective Neem Scrub Gel.

Kasthuri Manjal
EUR 14.1

Kasthuri Manjal (Turmeric) can be used by gents, ladies and also just born babies. After bath apply Kasthuri Manjal after making it into a paste by mixing it with water. It gives a good natural odour and keeps the body fresh for the whole day. It gives a natural glow to the skin.

Lotus Herbals Professional Phyto-Rx Anti-Ageing Creme
EUR 15.7

Lotus Herbals Professional Phyto-Rx Anti-Ageing Creme Clear and Younger Looking Skin.

Lotus Herbals -Professional Phyto-Rx Daily Deep Cleansing Face Wash

Lotus Herbals Professional Phyto-Rx Daily Deep Cleansing Face Wash Lotus Professional Phyto-Rx Daily Deep Cleansing Face Wash is infused with potent organic ingredients that deep cleanses skin’s pores without stripping it of its essential nutrients. Basil, Thyme & Turmeric provide a unique potent formula for good, healthy and blemish-free skin.

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